Supporting those in prisons and jails

Light in PrisonThe Light in Prison website contains many inspiring examples of inmates
finding freedom through the study of Christian Science.  

Members of our church are actively supporting prison institutions in our area. The Christian Science churches in northern Nevada are officially part of the California Christian Science Committee on Institutional Work (see their website: Light in Prison).  The church chaplains (David Van Winkle and Marilyn McDonald) are active as Corresponding Chaplains, sending Bible Lessons and religious literature to inmates, and writing metaphysical letters of encouragement. Our Institutional Representative is involved (as well as the Chaplains) in the monthly Institutional meetings. We are a vibrant and dedicated group and invite all to join us metaphysically in supporting this important work.

A recent development includes the Embraced:Fully effort, which supports inmates as they are released from prison and establish themselves as free and productive individuals. You can read more about this work on their website,

Embraced Fully

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