Our church provides a public talk on Christian Science every year. This year (2016) our lecture was held on April 17, given by Christian Science lecturer Ricardo Saldivar. He gave two lectures, one in English and one in Spanish, on the topic of : Accessing the Christ Power Now!

Ricardo_SaldivarRicardo Saldívar’s childhood growing up along the US/Mexico border was a rich blend of two cultures. He says that his experience taught him to treasure all people. In 2004, Saldívar’s desire to help others led him to become a practitioner of Christian Science healing. A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, Ricardo Saldívar lives near Chicago, Illinois, USA.


Watch this site for further information about additional talks. You can also watch talks on Christian Science given in other communities, posted on YouTube: Christian Science Lectures.

For example, you can watch another talk by our lecturer, given in southern California: