Church Announcements: Jan 2021

Our church has two Food Bank barrels in the lobby, available for non-perishable food donations, until early February.  Please donate when the Reading Room is open.

Olive Glen Foundation is accepting applications for CS Nurses and Assistants.  If you are interested contact:  Olive Glen Foundation, 3025 Becerra way, Sacramento, CA  95821. (916) 486-1161

The Principle Foundation is offering immediate financial assistance from their Disaster Relief Fund, available to branch church or TMC members who have temporary financial needs secondary to the current economic interruption.  Contact  (816) 561-5955

Albert Baker Brotherly Love Fund is available to help Christian Scientists impacted by recent events.  Contact Albert Baker Fund, 1510 J Street, Suite 150, Sacramento, CA   95814; (916) 594-9513;

National Fund For Christian Science Nursing; contact  for grants for individuals actively working for CS healing, needing CS nursing care, and unable to pay the full cost of this care.

Longyear Museum at   An independent historical museum dedicated to advancing the understanding of the life and work of Mary Baker Eddy, discoverer and founder of Christian Science.